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Shunt Box

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Product Description

MRD’s precision Shunt Box is designed to simulate track circuit resistances in the testing and commissioning of track feed circuits. It is used to provide readings for the drop shunt, prevent shunt and pick-up shunt testing. Suitable for CSEE jeurmont, DC and AC tracks.






  • High precision 1% tolerance resistors
  • Resistance ranges from 0.05Ω – 9.95Ω in 0.05Ω increments
  • High power 100W resistors
  • ‘Open Circuit’ jumper allows for instant connection and disconnection
  • Make before break contacts
  • High stability and low temperature co-efficient
  • Non-inductive load suitable for high frequency track circuits
  • Carry bag and heavy duty crocodile clips included
  • Quick range changes
  • Heavy duty enclosure


  • G-Clamp Style Clips

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