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Product Description

The TrackSense is a multi-function rail infrastructure logger designed for low cost, high quality condition monitoring of rail assets such as trackside battery banks, level crossings, points units, track circuits and earth leakage. It remotely monitors and logs the key parameters of vital assets through a configurable array of sensors, providing precise real-time measurements to maintenance personnel and eliminating the need for costly site visits to identify the source of a problem.

The TrackSense is a flexible, all-in-one user configurable system which allows you to log, view and analyse your data – your way.


• All in one condition monitoring solution
• Flexible and simple system configuration
• Precise real-time measurements at high sampling rates
• TrackSense Cloud for remote data viewing and analysis
• Save on data cost using ZigBee mesh network
• On board processing and analysis – no server needed!
• Calculates min/max for Peak, RMS and Time
• Auto-tune function automatically tunes alarm set-points based on historical data
• Configure and view data via WiFi
• Compact and light for LOC’s
• Expandable for Level Crossing and Relay Rooms
• No licence fee to access your data

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