Since 1991 the team at MRD has excelled, converting our passion and expertise into innovative solutions for rail networks around the world. It is with great excitement that we introduce the future of Rail Asset Remote Condition Monitoring and System Maintenance Management.

On behalf of our whole team, welcome to TrackSense.

The Future of Condition Monitoring

TrackSense enables you to quickly take charge of the health and performance of your network assets.

Simple to install and packed full of features that will empower and assist you to make better decisions.

TrackSense Hardware

Modular Flexibility

TrackSense was designed with you and your organisation in mind. The DIN mounted backbone design allows you to expand, upgrade and replace modules quickly and easily - usually even without any system downtime.


TrackSense' modular design means you can purchase only what you need and expand your site with more I/O at any time to monitor more/different assets.

For instance, if you had a setup for Points Monitoring including a processor and analog extender and wanted to monitor 3 extra points machines and the Earth insulation of 2 Busbars, simply connect 1 extra Analog Extender and 2 EIM modules.


Whenever we bring out a new module, your current hardware won't be made redundant - you can simply slot the new module in and upgrade your site.


Hardware repairs and replacements are made simple and generally won't even require any site down-time. All you need to do is unplug the damaged module and replace it with new/repaired hardware.

Get to know the range...


Power Supply Unit


Processing Unit


Analog Extender


Digital Extender


Earth Leakage Detector



TrackSense Cloud Platform

The TrackSense Cloud enables you to oversee the real-time health and predicted degradation of all assets in your network from anywhere.

Using industry leading data analysis, TrackSense gives you deep insights and allows you to improve the efficiency of your railway network.

The TrackSense Cloud Server is now available on Android platform for all customers
Go to the TrackSense Cloud

Your assets, your data, your way

TrackSense Cloud Features

Easy To Use Data Viewer

Search for any asset, measurement, logger or location in one place

Smart Alerts &

Autotune alerts and receive notifications in real-time when the rules are triggered

Easy To Use And Understand

User friendly interface, making the data easy to understand with no training required

Comprehensive & 
Automated Reports

Generate reports on anything in the system by simply selecting your desired options

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Log into the cloud from any device, anytime with maximum security

Task Management &
KPI Reporting

Harness the power of human data input and keep track of your teams

Asset Health Overview

TrackSense Cloud gives you oversight of your system's health/performance from anywhere

Asset trend view for predictive alerts and monitoring gradual performance degradation

View and compare individual movement's signatures for analytics, alerts and fault finding

TrackSense smart sensors can monitor almost anything

TrackSense was designed to be modular, flexible and stackable, allowing your site to be as big, or as small, as you need it to be. With Industry Standard sensors, TrackSense allows you to easily adapt your monitoring to your site's needs and environment.

The application setups described below are an example only. Every sites requirements may be different and multiple applications can be combined to be monitored within a single installation.

Simply select the appropriate sensor type for your application, connect it and start viewing your data

Points Machine Monitoring


Can be monitored via a Current sensor attached to the Motor Current Input feed and, optionally, an ambient/direct temperature sensor.

Hardware Required

TrackSense Processor Module
TrackSense Analog Extender
4-20mA Current Sensor

Optional Extras
ModBus Ambient Temperature Sensor

TrackSense Digital Extender
Digital Rail Temperature Sensor


Earth Insulation Monitoring


Can be monitored via a TrackSense EIM Module or with MRD's ESM/ELD devices via ModBus.

Hardware Required

TrackSense Processor Module
TrackSense ELD Module

Optional Extras
Additional TrackSense EIM Modules


Battery Bank Monitoring


Can be monitored via a Current, voltage and temperature sensor, or with a Third Party digital battery sensor.

Hardware Required

TrackSense Processor Module
TrackSense Analog Extender
TrackSense Digital Extender

Optional Extras
Current Sensor
Voltage Sensor
Temperature Sensor


Track Circuit Monitoring


Can be monitored via a Track Circuit Modbus Translator. Please contact MRD for more information.

Hardware Required

TrackSense Processor Module
TrackSense Track Circuit Interpreter


Coming Soon!

Many More

TrackSense was designed to automatically identify patterns and learn healthy asset performance signatures from almost any sensor type available, making the possibilities endless.

For help setting up a new asset type, please contact MRD. We're always here to help you.