Despite all the safety built into electrical systems, failures can and do occur. MRD’s multi-channel EarthLogger monitors up to four different busbars, significantly reducing the likelihood of failure or accidents due to insulation faults. Remotely monitor your site with one detector.

  • 4 Channels
  • Sunlight readable OLED display
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet or 3G/4G modem
  • Internally logs insulation resistance and busbar voltage
  • Scheduled self-test function
  • Remote test and reset function
  • Embedded and cloud web servers
  • Email and SMS notifications and alarms available
  • Remote monitoring and logging of earth insulation
  • Constant monitoring of multiple IT systems
  • Allows detection and removal of faults before problems occur
  • Flexible channels allow monitoring of either AC or DC busbars
  • Identify the cause of a fault using the fault time log
  • Web server provided for easy access to recorded data
  • Data available in a comprehensive graphical format
  • Can be configured remotely via the web server
  • Remote connection via VPN