MRD’s MagSense track magnet receiver has been designed for maximum reliability, to detect track magnets used in Station Protection, Automatic Power Control and Automatic Warning Systems. The detector’s operation is easily configured and calibrated to latch at the specified field strengths using the provided calibration software. There is no need to open the enclosure to adjust pots. The mode of operation can also be customised to suit specific customer requirements.

  • Robust industrial design to suit harsh environments
  • Circuitry encapsulated in polyurethane potting compound for vibration and moisture resistance
  • Plug connections for easy installation and maintenance
  • Programmable trip point from 1 – 35 Gauss
  • Optional GPRS Data Logger
  • Retrofit option available
  • EN50155 / IEC 61373 compliant
  • Reduced vehicle unavailability and lower maintenance costs
  • Overhaul requirements are reduced with maintenance limited to functional testing only