The quality and reliability of MRD's products is not simply the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance, but rather the concern of every person within our organisation.

At MRD, in-built quality begins in the early product design and development phase and is maintained to the highest standard throughout all subsequent production processes.

It is of fundamental value at our company that quality is integrated through skill and accuracy at every stage of development, and therefore we take pride in that every department has quality-related responsibilities to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Due to the complexity of our products, routine finished product testing alone is often not sufficient to ensure product perfection. Thus, every step of the overall manufacturing process is attentively controlled in order to maximize the ability for the finished product to meet all essential quality and design specifications.

Each production unit is therefore responsible for manufacturing the required quantity in accordance with the scheduled time-frame, whilst adhering to maximal quality guidelines. To achieve this objective, any quality issues that may arise in various areas are solved with speed, technical efficiency, and economy in mind. The methods employed are kept continually under review and techniques are improved whenever and wherever necessary.

'Quality Assurance' means exactly what it implies: guarantee that quality is in compliance with the reference standard on the contract or specifications via inspection, testing, sampling and other accredited methods.

MRD guarantees such assurance before goods can be supplied to the customer. Unless otherwise specified, the standard ISO 9001 has been applied for all design and manufacturing jobs.The foregoing principles and values are fundamental to MRD, and all employees actively support the Quality Assurance Programme in the implementation of this policy.

Rob Gersbach, Managing Director
MRD Rail Technologies Pty Ltd

"Quality, safety and effectiveness must be designed and built into the process; it cannot be inspected or tested into the finished product."