Relay Testing

Know the condition of your relays

MRD has revolutionised the world of Relay testing; an assessment of health which was once timely, monotonous, prone to human error and ineffective is now quick, automated and based on the Key Performance Indicators which actually matter.

Relay Testing made quick and easy

Our Relay Testers measure coil resistance, contact resistance, contact configuration and switch time to instantly determine the health of your relays and automatically save a detailed, exportable report for each one.

By measuring more than just that the contacts have switched, our Relay Testers can provide you with a deeper insight into the health of your relay. This helps you not only to prepare for failures, but also to identify and fix them when they do occur, making your relays an asset you can truly rely upon.


RelayDoc makes BR930 relay testing quick, easy and automatic. With standalone operation, you can simply plug in your relay, input identification information and press test – Let RelayDoc take care of the rest.

RelayDoc requires yearly calibration, which includes the latest software and relay test profile updates.

To book in a calibration, please go to the Contact Us page.

The most recent RelayDoc Software Version is V1.29.

Product Part Number
RelayDoc RD-BR930

Portable RelayDoc

The PRD was designed in a durable carry case and operates through a Samsung tablet via Bluetooth. Capable of testing BR930, PN150, PN250, B1 and B2 relay types with external test bases, it really does give you supreme flexibility with your relay testing.

Portable RelayDoc requires yearly calibration, which includes the latest software and relay test profile updates.

To book in a calibration, please go to the Contact Us page.

Latest Portable RelayDoc app version: V2.24

Software updates can be performed via the Google Playstore. Relay test profiles can be created within the app, or download the MRD Profile Set below.

Product Part Number
Portable RelayDoc PRD
BR930 Test Base TB-BR930
PN150 Test Base TB-PN150
PN250 Test Base TB-PN250
B1 Test Base TB-B1
B2 Test Base TB-B2
NS1 Test Base TB-NS1


RelayPro gives you a durable, mobile test kit for BR930, PN150, PN250, B1 and B2 relay types. Operating through the RelayPro software on a laptop or computer, RelayPro gives you the ability to change both operation values and specification parameters on the fly, making it simple and easy to manually test your relays however you need to.

ProductPart Number
BR930 Test BaseTB-BR930
PN150 Test BaseTB-PN150
PN250 Test BaseTB-PN250
B1 Test BaseTB-B1
B2 Test BaseTB-B2
NS1 Test BaseTB-NS1

Relay Testing Comparison


Relay Testing
  • Relays
  • Power Output
  • Contact Cleaning/Conditioning
  • Integrated Screen & Processor
  • Pin Code Detection
  • Portable
  • Carry Case
  • Editable Profiles
  • Warranty


  • BR-930 only via integrated plugboard
  • 0-130V DC
  • 100mA fixed
  • Touchscreen interface, no additional hardware required
  • Yes
  • Yes, but needs stand and case accessory
  • Yes (accessory)
  • No
  • 12-months

Portable RelayDoc​

  • BR-930, PN150, PN250, B1, B2 relays via external test bases
  • 0-110V DC
  • 100mA fixed
  • Comes with a tablet, preloaded with RelayDoc App that connects via Bluetooth
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes (Included)
  • Yes
  • 12-months


  • BR-930, PN150, PN250, NS1 relays via external test bases
  • 0 – 110V DC
  • 0 – 3Amps programmable
  • No screen, computer required
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes (Included)
  • Yes
  • 12-months


TrackSense’ modular design means you can purchase only what you need and expand your site with more I/O extender cards at any time to monitor more/different assets.

Whenever we bring out a new module, your current hardware won’t be made redundant – you can simply slot the new module in and upgrade your site.

Hardware repairs and replacements are made simple and generally won’t even require any site down-time. All you need to do is unplug the damaged module and replace it with new/repaired hardware.