Test and Measurement

Precision instruments result in reliability

MRD specialises in producing high quality precision test and measurement instruments, allowing you to rely on their results.

Providing reliable test and measurement instruments

While our primary focus is generally on continuous Remote Asset Condition Monitoring devices, we also manufacture test and measurement instruments to assist in making manual testing, refurbishment and commissioning of rail assets simple, quick and accurate.


MRD’s precision Shunt Box is designed to simulate track resistance in the testing and commissioning of track feed circuits. It is used to provide readings for the drop shunt, prevent shunt and pick-up shunt testing. Suitable for CSEEjeurmont, DC and AC tracks.

Product Part Number
Shuntbox (A Clamp Cables) SB-100W-J-A
Shuntbox (G Clamp Cables) SB-100W-J-G


MRD’s BellMega saves time by performing continuity testing and insulation leakage resistance testing simultaneously. The BellMega is a continuity tester for point to point wiring verification and includes earth leakage detection of the wiring being tested. The high voltage DC source is regulated to provide a stable reference for insulation breakdown resistance detection.

Product Part Number
BellMega BM-510
Bag BM-510-Bag
Lead Set BM-510-LS
Battery Charger BM-510-BC

20KΩ Precision Shunt

MRD’s Precision Shunts and Shunt leads are suitable for the testing and commissioning of Track Circuits. The 20KΩ Shunt reduces the load impedance when placed across multi-meter leads which helps to dampen low level noise and unwanted signals caused by inductive/capacitive coupling which would otherwise give false or misleading readings. The 20KΩ Shunt is also useful when measuring leakage current to ground on isolated transformers.

Product Part Number
20K Shunt PS-20K